Educational Wildlife Program

19 May 2012

Thandokaza Daweti, Environmental Educator at the Vuya Endaweni Environmental Education Centre in Kayamandi, bravely interacted with snakes and spiders in front of her learners on Saturday, (19 May) when Werner Fourie and his arachnid and reptilian-friends from the Giraffe House visited their school. Giraffe House visits schools across the Peninsula to teach learners about the wonders of South Africa’s wildlife and to give them an opportunity to interact with these amazing creatures. Fourie, Director of Giraffe House, is passionate about conservation and about educating our youth on the importance of our wildlife. “The youth are our future environmentalists and conservationists; it is important to teach the youngsters not to kill snakes and spiders. If all our snakes were to be wiped out, we would all have to start getting used to a diet of rats and mice! Snakes are very important to keep a balance in nature and to keep rodents at bay,” Fourie adds. “We teach the youth not to kill snakes, throw stones at them or to pick them up – let the snakes live in harmony with nature.”

The talks are entertaining and fun, which Fourie believes is essential for the learners to retain information. Spiders and reptiles form an important element when learning about South Africa’s wildlife. Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev), the local bottler of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in the Western and Northern Cape and the Giraffe House have formed a collaboration to take the Giraffe House’s mobile unit to less fortunate schools across Cape Town. Denise Green, Corporate Social Investment Manager at PenBev says, “For many learners, this is the first time that they get to learn about and interact with South Africa’s wildlife. The education of the youth, especially environmental education, is very important to us.”

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