Advertising and Marketing

Through the years, advertising and marketing for Coca-Cola has changed in many ways, but the message, like the trademark, has remained the same.

Dr Pemberton appreciated the power of advertising and his first sign was lettered in red on a white background, inviting customers to “Drink Coca-Cola 5c”, and fastened to the awning of Jacob’s Pharmacy in 1886. This set the precedent for the placement of millions of future signs advertising Coca-Cola. The first newspaper advertisement appeared in The Atlanta Journal and today Coca-Cola advertising also uses billboards, point-of-sale, radio, cinema, magazines and television.

It is in point-of-sale advertising and “experiential marketing” that Coca-Cola has made a unique impact. Special Coca-Cola equipment such as caravans, gazebos, a big-screen road show vehicle, blow-up bottles and even jumping castles have been used to promote the world’s favourite soft drink in South Africa. Within the Western Cape, Peninsula Beverages has a promotional team that takes Coca-Cola to the people via entertaining road shows.

In addition to this, Coca-Cola is a proud sponsor of many local and international events, such as the Olympic games, the Soccer World Cup and many others. Peninsula Beverages supports various Cape events through Coca-Cola and Powerade sponsorship, including the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour and the Community Chest Carnival. Through the years, Coca-Cola’s memorable advertising slogans have created lasting impressions.

Since the first slogan was introduced in 1886 – “Delicious and Refreshing” – Coca-Cola advertising has continued to reflect the refreshing things in life. “Open Happiness”, the latest slogan to represent us proves that opening any of our products does indeed mean you are opening happiness.


Delicious and Refreshing
Drink Coca-Cola


A Delightful Summer or Winter Beverage


Good all the Way Down
The Ideal Beverage for Discriminating People
The Most Refreshing Drink in the World
Great National Drink at the Great National Game
Good to the Last Drop
Palate Pleasing


Enjoy a Glass of Liquid Laughter
A Welcome Addition to any Party
The Thirsty One’s Best Beverage
Quality Tells the Difference
3 Million a Day
Whenever You see An Arrow, Think of Coca-Cola


Thirst Knows No Time Nor Season
The Pause That Refreshes


The Best Friend Thirst Ever had
It’s the Refreshing Thing To Do
Ice Cold Sunshine
Coca-Cola Goes Along
Whoever You Are. Whatever You Do. Wherever You May Be. When You think of Refreshment. Think Coca-Cola


The Only Think Like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola Itself.
Along the Highway to Anywhere
It’s the Real Thing
Where There’s Coke, There’s Hospitality


What You Want is Coke
Coca-Cola Makes Good Things Taste Better
Sign off Good TasteThe Cold Crisp Taste of Coke
Be Really Refreshed


Things Go Better with Coke
It’s the Real Thing


Have a Coke and Smile
Coke Adds Life


Coke Is It!Catch the Wave
You Can’t Beat the Feeling


Always Coca-Cola


Life Tastes Good


Coca-Cola Real


Coke Side of Life


Open Happiness