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A Christmas experience the Steinthal Children’s Home will never forget

Surrounded by majestic mountains and steeped in history, the Steinthal Children’s Home in Tulbagh came alive with the sound of squeals of excitement, laughter and playful happenings at the children’s Christmas party that took place on Friday 29 November 2013.

It was a festive party to remember for the 150 children aged one to 18 years old at Steinthal Children’s Home where music, dancing competitions with prizes and a visit from Santa were just some of the activities the children were treated to on the day.

Never before have the children experienced the holiday spirit quite like this with the Coca-Cola gig rig blasting their favourite beats, and being served a delicious meal of boerewors roles, chips, fruit, refreshments and party packs.

The Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev – local bottler and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western and Northern Cape) who provided the music, refreshments and party packs chose the Steinthal Children’s Home as their annual Christmas party Corporate Social Investment (CSI) project. “We often focus on local Cape Town based organisations however there are many small towns with children’s homes which aren’t well known and may never have the opportunity of a festive treat like a Christmas party,” says Denise Green, Corporate Social Investment Manager at PenBev.

The children’s home which has been in operation since the 1950’s serves as a sanctuary for children all over the Western Cape whose families aren’t able to take care of them and through caring, protecting and therapeutic education, the children are prepared for their adulthood. Principal and Manager of Care, Robin Furniss, who has given 25 years of his life taking care of the children at the home says,

“The children have never seen such a show in their life before, we really appreciate the effort that has been made for the children to enjoy their Christmas.”

As Santa handed each child a Santa shoebox present at the end of the day, it was plain to see that the joy of the day would be remembered by the children for years to come.

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For more information about Steinthal Children’s Home contact Bronwyn Jumath on 023-2301031or visit http://steinthalkinderhuis.org.za/

Jaws drop as learners from Phakama Secondary School come face-to-face with African dinosaurs

Caption: 74 Grade 10 learners from Phakama Secondary School in the disadvantaged community of Philippi were recently treated to a fossil workshop and tour at Iziko SA Museum in Cape Town thanks to the sponsorship of Penbev.

A fascination with dinosaurs and other creatures of the past are shared by most children, but none have been as excited as a group of Grade 10 learners from Phakama Secondary School who learnt first-hand the history of these beings which roamed the earth over 65 million years ago.

The learners were educated about evolution during a presentation by Dr Roger Smith, and were then taken on a Museum tour with hands on fossil activity by Anton van Wyk and Najumoeniesa Damon where they learnt about the impressive history of life in the form of various fossils found in South Africa .

The tour was made possible by Peninsula Beverages (PenBev – local bottler and distributer of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western and Northern Cape) who sponsored the transport and refreshments for the learners.

“We are delighted to once again partner with Iziko Museums of South Africa to facilitate the education of our disadvantaged youth. Education is imperative to grow and nourish the minds of our country’s future workforce and we hope to continue this relationship with Iziko Museums,” comments Denise Green, Corporate Social Investment Manager at PenBev.

This initiative forms part of PenBev’s community programmes which assist in uplifting the communities in which they operate.

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Smiles and laughter set the tone for the opening of the newly renovated Philippi Children’s Centre

Last week saw the opening of the newly renovated Philippi Children’s Centre where the Educare’s children, staff, community members and sponsors gathered to celebrate the launch of their new classrooms, ablution facilities and fully biological sewage treatment system, thanks to the generosity of Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev), Western Cape bottler of The Coca-Cola Company’s products, The Rotary Club of Newlands and other local sponsors.

It was the perfect day for celebrations this past Thursday (12 September 2013), as the sun was shining, little ones were singing and community members gathered to marvel at the recently renovated Philippi Children’s Centre. The festivities began with welcome speeches, a prayer of thanks and a dance by the adorable Grade R learners.

The new Educare Centre includes the revamp of the classrooms which can accommodate 200 children aged between three months and six years, ablution facilities and the installation of a fully biological sewage treatment system which will save the crèche thousands of Rands annually in water bills.

Helen Diedericks, Philippi Children’s Centres’ Principal, comments, “The crèche was first opened 21 years ago so the buildings were in desperate need of a revamp. We have been dreaming about this day for over five years now and are so blessed to finally give our children the crèche environment they so desperately need. We are so thankful to the sponsors for making our dreams come true.”

The renovation was made possible by three main sponsors including PenBev, The Rotary Club of Newlands and Sustainable Development Initiative (SASDI) – Southern Africa. Other sponsors include Claytile (Pty) Ltd, Atlantic Sands, Murray & Roberts Child Welfare Fund, Helen Blakemore, other funders and volunteer groups Prince2 for Africa Foundation and Love To Langa. The building construction was completed by Granbuild (Pty) Ltd.

PenBev’s Managing Director, Stuart McLeod, says, “Education and development at an early age is incredibly important to us and we are fortunate to be able to contribute to the renovation of the only Educare Centre servicing the farming area in Philippi. This is the 26th brick and mortar project we have sponsored and we are very proud and privileged to be involved in this project.” This initiative is PenBev’s major brick and mortar project of the year and forms part of their community projects which assist in uplifting the communities in which they operate in.

Philippi Children’s Centre provides two meals a day to the children, which is often the only meals they eat during the day, and relies on the generosity of its community for donations of food, nappies and education material. Please lend your support for the Educare Centre if you are able.

For more information about the Philippi Children’s Centre or to donate much needed supplies, please contact Helen Diedericks on 021 370 0039 or Helden@telkomsa.net.

For more information about PenBev contact 021-936-5500 or visit www.penbev.co.za. Join PenBev’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PenBev

Join the excitement at Sunset Beach this International Coastal Clean-Up day

Peninsula Beverages (PenBev – local bottler of The Coca-Cola Company product in the Western and Northern Cape) are challenging all Capetonians to roll up their sleeves and to do their bit to keep our coast clean this International Coastal Clean-Up day on Saturday 21 September. PenBev will again set the example by cleaning up Sunset Beach in Milnerton with the help of Clean C and learners from Sinenjongo High School.

Looking after the environment should be an everyday occurrence and to create awareness about the impact of litter on our beautiful country, PenBev and Clean C will be educating 120 learners from the Sinenjongo High School in the disadvantaged community of Joe Slovo Park, at the Sunset Beach clean-up on Saturday 21 September.

The festivities begin at 09:30 when the learners will arrive at the beach and receive a t-shirt, cap, gloves and recycling bags. An introductory speech and safety demonstration will be made, and then it’s clean up time! After the beach is left spotless, the learners will be treated to a meal and refreshments for their hard work.

The public are encouraged to join in the clean-up and will be given recycling bags and gloves. In 2012, a total of 4 603 957 kilograms* of litter was collected around the world for International Coastal Clean-Up day, so let’s see how much litter we can collect and make a difference in the neighbourhood.

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Mandela Day 2013

PenBev celebrates Mandela Day with Radio Tygerberg and the Parow community

Caption: The atmosphere was electrifying at Radio Tygerberg, Cape Townon International Mandela Day where Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev – local bottler of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in the Western and Northern Cape) partnered with the radio station and Spar to make a positive change within their local community.

The rain kept at bay in the Radio Tygerberg parking lot where approximately 200 locals and staff celebrated the birthday of one of the world’s most famous icons. The festivities were spearheaded by the radio station, PenBev and Spar who collected much needed food for the hungry for their 67 minutes of giving back. Cape Town’s Premier, Helen Zille delivered an inspirational speech to add to the crowds’ joyful spirit.

A red carpet set the stage for businesses and locals in the area to carry in their food product donations, and the crowd was treated to musical and dance talents on PenBev’s Coca-Cola gig rig stage. The fun-filled line-up included acts by Rouchelle Liedemann (Radio Tygerberg’s Breakfast presenter and Skouspel performer) who stunned the audience with her majestic voice; Jan-Hendrik Fourie (guitarist and singer) showed off his incredible guitar and vocal skills; Neville D (singer) encouraged the audience to sing along to catchy tunes, the One Crown rock band showed their musical talent, the Little Drummer Boys impressed everyone with their drumming technique and are currently on SA’s Got Talent show; and the Origin of Dance kids moved their bodies in ways the Parow community has never seen before.

In the spirit of giving, PenBev supported the Beaconvale Frail Care Centre by donating much needed supplies to the home for less fortunate who live at the Centre in Mitchells Plain. Thirsty participants were also treated to an ice cold soft drink donated by the company.

“We are truly grateful to be in a position to give back to our local community and we would like to thank Radio Tygerberg for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the local community,” comments Denise Green, Corporate Social Investment Manager at PenBev. “We at PenBev wish Madiba a happy birthday and a speedy recovery. We are very fortunate to be part of various Mandela Day activities including that of Radio Tygerberg,” adds Green.
PenBev staff were lending their support to many communities around the Western Cape by painting, fixing electricity/plumbing issues, making food parcels, and providing parties at educare centres, to name a few.

“Madiba has positively impacted South Africa and the world with his acts of service, humility and forgiveness. These qualities were evident today with organisations, Radio Tygerberg listeners and charities participating on our premises. We at Radio Tygerberg send a big thank you to PenBev for bringing extra joy to this festive occasion,” comments Hardus Zevenster, CEO at Radio Tygerberg.

For more information about Peninsula Beverages, visit www.penbev.co.za or contact 021 936 5500. PenBev is also on Facebook www.facebook.com/PenBev

Photographer: Craig Wilson

Learners from J.J. Rhodes Primary School in Elsenberg were treated to a wildlife educational talk by Giraffe House

Caption: Excited learners from J.J. Rhodes Primary School in Elsenberg were in for a treat when Giraffe House’s Alma de Villiers stopped by to show the youngsters some of the wonderful wildlife our world has to offer. The educational talk was sponsored by Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev – local bottler and distributer of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western and Northern Cape).

Nestled in the rolling green hills amongst hectares of farmlands lies the sleepy town of Elsenberg, which is home to J.J. Rhodes Primary School – an educational haven for 277 farm children. With smiles to brighten any room, the excited learners welcomed Giraffe House’s Alma who recently visited the school equipped with a box full of surprises for the youngsters.

Inside the box were creatures never seen before by the learners and screams of delight soon filled the hall when it was clear that it will be no ordinary day at school. A tarantula spider from South America, a bull frog, tortoise and even a python were just some of the animals Alma brought with her from Giraffe House, where wildlife education is fundamental to their everyday lives.

Children’s inquisitive nature often results in animals being harmed when they play with them, and Alma stressed the importance of treating wildlife delicately and with respect as all living things should be.

PenBev believes it is really important to educate learners and particularly supports disadvantaged communities and as such invests in a number of educational programmes about history, the planet and wildlife, which the youth may have never had the opportunity to learn about first-hand.

Niqui Smit, OnCon Channel Manager from PenBev comments, “Education is so important to grow the minds of our youth and we are fortunate enough to be able to support initiatives which help learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds reach their full potential. This initiative forms part of PenBev’s community focussed programmes which serve to uplift the communities in which we operate and who continue to support us.”

For more information about PenBev visit www.penbev.co.za and become our Facebook friend www.facebook.com/PenBev

Learners time travel to the world’s first heart transplant at the Heart of Cape Town Museum

Forty-nine enthusiastic Grade eleven learners arrived at the Heart of Cape Town Museum where tour conductor Christine Heydenrych led the interactive visit. Learners were transported back to 03 December 1967 when Professor Christiaan Barnard made history in transplanting the world’s first human heart.

Life-size human and medical replicas of the iconic day have been placed within the museum at the exact location where the historical surgery took place. It portrays scenes from the event and includes every detail including Professor Christiaan Barnard and his colleagues dressed in blue scrubs armed with medical equipment, blood-soaked operating swabs and sharp scalpels. The learners even saw the heart of the donor being transplanted to the recipient, Mr Louis Washkansky!

“The museum tour is an exciting and fascinating journey back in time and an opportunity for learners to study South Africa’s rich history. The life-size models make it possible for them to visualize the event in all its glory which helped shape the medical industry. We also hope that through these tours, we encourage pupils to consider further education in medicine or science,” comments Heydenrych.

“Youth education for the previously disadvantaged is important to us as a company and we are delighted to be in a position to partner with the Heart of Cape Town Museum to educate learners about our country’s historical events. The tours are a fun way to teach learners the importance of a good education and hopefully inspire them to achieve greatness in their lives,” comments Denise Green, Corporate Social Investment Manager at PenBev. This initiative forms part of PenBev’s community programmes which assist in uplifting the communities in which they operate in.

For more information on the Heart of Cape Town Museum and tours, visit www.heartofcapetown.co.za.

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Learners transported back in time with an educational historic walking tour at the V&A Waterfront

Caption: Renowned historian and author Willem Steenkamp, dressed as Jan van Riebeeck, educates learners from Nu Hoop Primary School, Porterville about life in Cape Town during the 1700s.

Only a few South Africans know that the V&A Waterfront is home to the oldest working harbour in South Africa along with 22 cultural landmarks. PenBev (Peninsula Beverage Company - local bottler of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in the Western and Northern Cape) in partnership with The Chavonnes Battery Museum, V&A Waterfront and the ‘Partners in Education Project’ sponsored a historical walking tour to educate Nu Hoop Primary School learners from Porterville about Cape Town’s rich history.

Excited learners from Nu Hoop Primary in Porterville, arrived at the V&A Waterfront’s Chavonnes Battery Museum, where the ruins of an original Dutch Fort, which was completed in 1726, is carefully preserved. The pupils listened intently to their period dressed tour guide ‘Jan van Riebeeck’ as he reminisced about South Africa and the significance of Cape Town during the 18th century. This unique historical walking tour specifically focusses on life during the 1700s, the different historic points at the V&A Waterfront and how the Dutch Fort ruins at the Chavonnes Battery were only discovered in 1999, after being buried for 140 years!

‘Jan van Riebeeck’ renowned historian and author Willem Steenkamp, and his period clad assistants educate learners about Cape Town and specifically, historic points at the V&A Waterfront such as the Clock Tower, the Robinson Dry Dock (one of the oldest operating docks dating back to 1882), the SAS Somerset (the only boom defence vessel remaining in the world that is permanently moored for viewing) and Cape Town’s first power station.

“The walking tour is an interactive and exciting initiative that teaches learners about South Africa’s rich history. Most of the schools we sponsor for the tours have never been to Cape Town, let alone seen the ocean. We contribute to youth education by exposing these learners to the history of South Africa and ultimately broaden their knowledge. We also encourage them to read by having English, Afrikaans and Xhosa information boards,” comments Dale Dodgen, Business Executive for Chavonnes Battery Museum.

PenBev (Peninsula Beverage Company - local bottler of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in the Western and Northern Cape) began sponsoring the historical tour in May 2012. Niqui Smit, OnCon Channel Manager from PenBev says, “We are delighted to be partnered with the V&A Waterfront and the Chavonnes Battery Museum. The pilot project in 2012 proved to be a huge success and we therefore continue to expand the number of learners that would not only have a great experience but also understand the history of Cape Town. This initiative forms part of PenBev’s community focussed programmes which serve to uplift the communities in which we operate and who continue to support us.”

The Historical Walking Tour operates daily on request and departs from the Chavonnes Battery Museum which is open 7 days a week 9:00 to 16:00. During the coming winter holidays, learners under 16 can visit the museum free of charge, when accompanied by an adult. For more information contact 021-416-6230 or visit http://bit.ly/MuseumFacebookPage or http://www.waterfront.co.za/Pages/VandAWaterfrontHistoricalWalkingTours.aspx

For more information about PenBev contact 021-936-5500 or visit www.penbev.co.za. Join PenBev’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PenBev

Photographer: Craig Wilson

Peer pressure education programme gives learners the upper hand

Our youth, especially teens, are faced with serious challenges on a daily basis. From browsing the Internet, to bullying, joining gangs and drug abuse have grave consequences; unfortunately our youngsters are not necessarily equipped emotionally to stand up for themselves and realise their dreams when faced with these pressures from their peers.
Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev – local bottler and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western and Northern Cape) takes this very seriously and have partnered with Life Talk to sponsor life skills and educational talks to previously disadvantaged Western Cape schools about the dangers of modern day temptation, and how to deal with these situations.

Almost 90 Grade 7’s from Wavecrest Primary School in Mitchells Plain were recently treated to a talk by industry experts about the dangers of peer pressure at school. The learners, aged between 11 and 13, talked actively about the challenges they face in their everyday lives, and learnt a few techniques to help them deal with adverse situations in the future. The talk was hosted at PenBev’s Coke Zone, in Parow which is an auditorium dedicated to educational programmes.

Priscilla Hendricks, PenBev’s School Co-ordinator of the Life Talk sessions comments, “We are concerned about the difficulties facing the youth of today - our future leaders, so we place great importance on conducting these educational programmes, to help the learners cope with peer pressure and to know how to deal with challenges that they may, or may already have faced. We have offered these talks to disadvantaged schools in the Western Cape for the past 2 years and look forward to touching the lives of many youths in the future. This initiative forms part of PenBev’s ‘me (people), we (community), world (environment)’ initiative, which aims to uplift the people and environment in which we operate in and who have supported us for many years.”

During the talk, learners had to envisage who they wanted to be when they grew up (their goal person) and base all decisions on whether their actions will help bring them closer or further away from achieving this. Life Talk focusses on challenges such as peer pressure, alcohol, drugs, precarious information found on the Internet, chat room risks, hubbly bubbly, sexual activities and gangs. The dangers of each of these are elaborated on and methods to overcome these issues are provided during the talk.

“We predominantly target pre-teen learners for the talk, before they reach the age where the real dangers in life are introduced to them. It’s important for us to make them comfortable to talk about these matters in an environment where no judgement is made,” says Natasha Swift, Life Talk’s Cape Town representative who conducts the talks.

After the talk, learners are given refreshments while listening to an overview of how the production process works at the bottling plant, and how their favourite drink is made.

For more information about Peninsula Beverages, visit www.penbev.co.za

EduBus hits the road to educate small shop owners around the Western Cape on key business principles

Caption: It all starts with helping others. Peninsula Beverage Company’s (PenBev – local bottler and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western & Northern Cape) EduBus travels around the Western Cape educating small shop owners on the key principles of running a successful business. And it’s free!

There are more than 8000 small corner shops in the Western & Northern Cape alone, which are run by locals whose family rely on the income for their basic needs such as food, water and shelter. PenBev has launched its EduBus education programme, which invites these local corner shop owners to a free training course to improve their business skills and ultimately help the community they operate in. The EduBus is kitted out in the style of a classroom with desks and chairs as well as a flat screen television for demonstrations, and is designed to travel to all areas where PenBev’s customers do business. The classes are small, intimate and very interactive, with only 15 seats available, so that effective learning can take place.

Denise Green, Corporate Social Investment Manager at PenBev comments, “We are thrilled to assist with educating our customers, who continue to support us, and the aim of this initiative is to ultimately benefit the whole community. We’re directing this initiative at small business owners who need the training, and who stock and sell our products. This initiative forms part of PenBev’s ‘me (people), we (community), world (environment)’ strategy which serves the communities in which we operate and who have supported us over many years.”

Operating since December last year, the business training sessions last for two hours and are broken down into two sessions. The participants are given the opportunity to share learning’s as well as ask questions of concern. The first session focuses on how the shop owners can run their businesses more effectively to yield a larger profit, and the second session demonstrates how PenBev can help them to enrich their business further through reaching higher sales targets and business expansion. Each attendee receives a training folder of the educational material for future reference.

“Small corner shop and café owners are important to the economic growth of South Africa so it is vital that we empower and equip these owners with the necessary skills to help grow their business,” concluded Green.

For more information about Peninsula Beverages, visit www.penbev.co.za

120 learners from Blackheath Primary tackle litter problem in canal clean-up

Caption: Learners from Blackheath Primary School sacrificed time out of their weekend this past Saturday to take part in a clean-up of the Blackheath river canal. Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev – local bottler and distributer of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western Cape) in partnership with The City of Cape Town’s WasteWise Programme assisted the learners by providing transport, food and refreshments to all who participated in the clean-up.

A 250 strong team of eager environmental enthusiasts consisting of Grade 7 learners, teachers, PenBev employees and local community members gathered at the Blackheath Community Centre on Saturday morning, to show their support for a cleaner, greener community. The participants were treated to music, dance and fun activities during the ‘Drain to Ocean’ Educational Presentation by the City of Cape Town, where the effects of dumping and littering were explained. The students were given a safety talk on how to collect the litter and what types of hazardous material should not be collected. After the talk, learners were accompanied by WasteWise and PenBev representatives to collect gloves and bags for cleaning the canal of all unsightly litter and waste. The learners excelled in the environmental education initiative and enjoyed making a noticeable difference within their community.

Blackheath Primary School runs adjacent to the canal-area where much litter and waste accumulates over time. The litter problem in the area is not only unsightly, but also unhygienic for the learners and residents of Blackheath. Mr Quentin Johnson, Principal of Blackheath Primary comments, “We are thrilled with the turn-out and appreciate that WasteWise approached our school to educate the learners on why it is important to look after the environment, and very appreciative that PenBev made this possible. We trust the learners can take home what they have learnt today and continue with environmental awareness when faced with litter pollution, and help make our streets a cleaner place to live.”

PenBev is proud to have a lasting partnership with The City of Cape Town and its WasteWise initiative. This partnership contributes to educating communities about the importance of looking after our beautiful country. “This is a great step in fostering clean habits among local residents and the youth. We are delighted to help educate learners about the environmental impact of litter and how this leads to a society with little respect for their living area. By aiming these initiatives at the younger generation, we hope to instil a sense of consciousness for our earth. This initiative forms part of our ‘me (people), we (community), world (environment)’ initiative, which aims to uplift the people and environment in which we operate.” comments Denise Green, Corporate Social Investment Manager at PenBev.

WasteWise is a public education and awareness programme dedicated to the prevention of littering, minimisation of waste and the growth of recycling efforts. “WasteWise is thrilled to have PenBev on board for this initiative. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Blackheath Primary and all the eager students and teachers. It is of vital importance for companies, schools and citizens to care for their surroundings. We ultimately seek to create a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility amongst all communities in the Western Cape to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites,” comments Rodney Leak, Schools Co-ordinator for WasteWise.

The City of Cape Town in conjunction with the WasteWise Programme sponsored a ‘Commit Tree’ tree replica to the school that allows all students who participated in the clean-up to write their names on. This serves as a reminder of the pledge they took in being environmentally conscious.

After the event, it was clear that this important message was delivered. The canal was clean and the students had a story to tell their friends and families.

For more information about Peninsula Beverages, visit www.penbev.co.za and visit WasteWise on www.epa.gov/epawaste/conserve/smm/wastewise/index.htm

Photographer: Craig Wilson

Pride of Cape Town lions to be auctioned to raise money for lion conservation

Locally designed lions will be auctioned on 3 May at V&A Waterfront’s Moyo Restaurant to raise funds for The Born Free Foundation and their efforts to protect this African beauty from extinction.

For the past two months, the creatively designed Pride of Cape Town lion exhibition has been a prominent feature at the V&A Waterfront where local and international visitors alike have enjoyed the colourful and unique lion statues spread across the famous historical destination. All 30 lions will go on auction on Friday 3 May at moyo Restaurant from 17.30 to 20.00, to raise money for The Born Free Foundation and their relentless fight to save Africa’s most dominant cat.
One lion in particular has turned heads with its striking bubble design and mane made from Coca-Cola bottle tops – ‘Buddy’ is the creation of the third year students at AAA school of advertising and is sponsored by Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev – local bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western Cape). Along with the initial sponsorship of the lion, PenBev hope to buy back the lion to contribute additional funds to The Born Free Foundation.
Niqui Smit, On Consumption Manager at PenBev comments, “We were inspired to get involved in the Pride of Cape Town project as it fits perfectly with our ‘me (people), we (community), world (environment)’ initiative, which aims to uplift the people and environment in which we operate. We’re thrilled with the interest in the initiative so far and hope to reiterate our support by buying Buddy the lion.”

For more information about Peninsula Beverages, visit www.penbev.co.za

About the Born Free Foundation:

The Born Free Foundation is a dynamic international wildlife charity, devoted to compassionate conservation and animal welfare. Born Free takes action worldwide to protect threatened species and stop individual animal suffering. Born Free believes wildlife belongs in the wild and works to phase out zoos. We rescue animals from lives of misery in tiny cages and give them lifetime care.

Born Free protects lions, elephants, tigers, gorillas, wolves, polar bears, dolphins, marine turtles and many more species in their natural habitat, working with local communities to help people and wildlife live together without conflict. Our high-profile campaigns change public attitudes, persuade decision-makers and get results. Every year, Born Free helps hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide.

For more information about Born Free please visit www.bornfree.org.uk

About the Pride of Cape Town

Pride of Cape Town is a major public arts project which will see around 30 individually-designed lion statues take to Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront from March 2013. In May 2013, the statues, each an individual, one-off piece of art, will be auctioned off in aid of international wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation.

Pride of Cape Town aims to raise awareness of the plight of the wild lion as well as vital funds to help the Born Free Foundation protect the threatened species in the wild.

For more information visit www.prideofcapetown.com

New Squeeze Bottle Technique Helps Alleviate Disease

Above: children of Kribbel & Krabbel crèche in Mitchells Plain learn to use the new hand wash ‘squeezy bottles’ donated by Peninsula Beverage Company to help create hygiene awareness.

Water is a scarce resource and for many South Africans, practising cleanliness is a luxury especially when there is limited access to clean running water. Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev – local bottler and distributer of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western Cape) in partnership with The City of Cape Town, has helped combat the risk of illness as a result of the lack of sanitation, by donating 2 litre plastic bottles to crèches, clinics and informal settlements in Mitchells Plain, Phillipi, Phillipi East and Crossroads areas.

The bottles have been transformed into mobile hand wash units which can be squeezed and water pours out from a long tube, giving community’s access to clean water and creating hygiene awareness.

Corporate Communications Manager, Denise Green, comments, “Diarrhoea as a result of the lack of hygiene is a worrying issue in local communities and settlements. We are thrilled we are able to help by donating the bottles which are used to educate communities about the importance of keeping their hands clean, which in turn helps prevent the spread of diseases.

This initiative forms part of PenBev’s ‘me (people), we (community), world (environment)’ strategy which serves the communities in which we operate and who have supported us over many years.”

For more information about Peninsula Beverages, visit www.penbev.co.za

A warmer winter for Emmanuel Care Centre

Atlantis, Western Cape – Residents of the Emmanuel Care Centre for physically and mentally challenged individuals will not have to face the bitter cold unaided this winter, thanks to the generous donation of 12 wall heaters and 13 blankets by the Parow Plant of Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev), the local bottler of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in the Western and Northern Cape.

PenBev have adopted the Emmanuel Care Centre in Atlantis as part of their “Live for a Difference Campaign”. The committee members of the PenBev Parow plant raised the funds to purchase the wall heaters and Waverley blankets for the centre and handed the items out to residents earlier this month, ensuring that everyone could keep warm this winter.

Emmanuel Care Centre Manager, Marie Petersen, was concerned by the looming winter months and the effect the cold would have on the centre’s occupants as the newly developed centre had no infrastructure in place yet to keep the residents warm. Residents of the centre range in age from 12 months to adulthood. “Many of the people at Emmanuel Day Care Centre stay with us their whole lives, until they pass on,” Petersen says, “The severity of their disabilities is of such a nature that they can never be placed out into other facilities.”


Petersen has compiled a wish list of items needed by the centre and was very grateful for PenBev’s contribution. “Compiling the list was a task of its own, as we need so much and yet we do not want to impose,” Petersen says.
Other items on the wish list include, a gas stove, computers, petrol weed eater and non-perishable foods to name but a few. Organisations in the area are encouraged to help the centre where possible this winter.

To get involved with Emmanuel Care Centre contact Marie Petersen on emmdaycare@telkomsa.net
For more information about the projects that PenBev are involved with visit www.penbev.co.za

Sea Point Rotary and Bonaqua bring joy to little ones

Little ones from the Ilitha Crèche in Khayelitsha and the Ruth First Crèche in Philippi could hardly contain their excitement when they visited the Rotary Club of Sea Point’s Blue Train Project last week.

Gavin Schachat, Director of Projects Sea Point Rotary, said, “We were delighted to host these children from disadvantaged backgrounds and to witness their joy when riding the train, jumping on the jumping castle and in some cases, seeing the sea for the first time!

“We are very grateful to Peninsula Beverages (PenBev) for their continued assistance with our projects and for sponsoring Bonaqua water to keep the children and teachers hydrated during their visit.” Schachat added.

The Rotary Club of Sea Point’s Blue Train Project has been bringing joy to communities through similar excursions since 2008.

For more information on the Sea Point Rotary and the community projects that they are involved with visit: www.seapointrotary.org.za

For more information on PenBev and the community projects that they are involved with, visit www.penbev.co.za or call 021 936 5500

RAIN Water for Schools

Homba Primary School, Khayelitsha

Homba Primary School, KhayelitshaLearners from Homba Primary School in Khayelitsha can now enjoy cool water during a hot morning break between classes thanks to Coca-Cola South Africa’s legacy project entitled RAIN (Replenish Africa Initiative) Water for Schools. Homba Primary is one of a growing number of schools that has benefited from the RAIN Water for Schools project in South Africa. The Coca-Cola Company’s RAIN programme aims to improve access to clean water for 2 million Africans by 2015 through a $30 million investment in programmes such as the one in South Africa. Working together with the government, Coca-Cola South Africa is providing schools in disadvantaged areas across the country with basic water and sanitation infrastructure such as working toilets and urinals, taps with drinking water in and around the school area, drainage systems and new basins and taps. The infrastructure upgrades implemented in schools varies according to their individual needs as assessed by the Department of Basic Education.

“We started the RAIN Water for Schools project in 2010, with nine schools as our legacy project for the 2010 FIFA World Cup,” says Sammy Mohlaoli, Senior Manager, Community Affairs at Coca-Cola South Africa. “Since then we have identified a total of 100 schools in all nine provinces that are in dire need of basic water and sanitation.”

Homba Primary School, Khayelitsha"Without running water there are many health risks that communities, especially learners, are faced with,” says Denise Green, Manager of Corporate Social Investment Projects at Peninsula Beverages (PenBev), the local bottler of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in the Western and Northern Cape. “We are glad to be associated with the RAIN Water for Schools Initiative and to have the opportunity of providing clean water and sanitation whilst educating learners about health, hygiene and the importance of saving water."

The Coca-Cola Company’s RAIN Water for Schools initiative is a three-year initiative that will be funded and implemented by The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation working with a number of co-finance and implementing partners that include the Global Environment and Technical Foundation, Re-Solve Consulting, the Mvula Trust and the South African Department of Education.

Patrick Katsha, Deputy Principal of Homba Primary School says, “We are incredibly grateful for Coca-Cola’s contribution to uplifting the standards of our school. Not only have some serious health hazards been averted, but our learners also are learning about the importance of basic hygiene whilst simultaneously becoming conscious of the importance of saving water.”

The 22nd of March is World Water Day. This year’s focus is specifically on water and food security. As part of the Homba Primary School RAIN Water for Schools project, rain water is collected by the school and used to water a vegetable garden which is maintained by women from the local community. The produce grown in this garden is sold, providing economic empowerment for these women.

For more information on PenBev and the community projects that they are involved with, visit www.penbev.co.za or call 021 936 5500

CSI/Community Affairs

Corporate Social Investment has a pivotal role to play in bringing about meaningful transformation to the benefit of all.

The social needs facing our country are substantial and it is our moral duty to make a difference by supporting projects that benefit historically disadvantaged sectors of our society. Our contribution to the upliftment of communities through the transfer of funding, skills and education with the aim of creating sustainability makes us proud.

Community Projects

We are committed to a wide range of programmes, which support the needs of these communities in which we do business. Some of the more recent initiatives are listed below:

Lord’s Acre Christian Community Centre

Lord’s Acre Christian Community Centre, a joint venture between PenBev, Rotary Newlands, FRANCO and the Lord’s Acre Mission was opened in May 2010, with the aim of providing support in the form of education, recreation and much-needed life skills and food to the local community of Franschhoek.

Lord´s Acre Christian Community Centre

Activities include a soup kitchen, cooking, a crèche group, and a crèche management meeting facility, a computer area as well as musical instruments for band practice. A recent visit to the Lord’s Acre showed that it is truly a blessing for this community.

Koinonia Wellness Centre

In October 2010, a poor community in Kuilsriver celebrated the opening of a state-of-the-art community health clinic – Koinonia Wellness Centre – that is set to provide primary healthcare to many people. The Koinonia Wellness Centre will provide primary healthcare to the surrounding community offering home based care, a school nurse, medical services and skills development thanks to the passion of a local woman and a sponsorship partnership that has spanned decades.

The visionary behind the project, Mrs. Susan Lapoorta, believes that the centre will render a holistic community healthcare service that’s accessible to the people who need it most in the community and they are expecting to provide primary healthcare to hundreds of people each week since the nearest clinic is nearly 3km away.

Masakhane Grassroots Educare Centre – December 2010

The Masakhane Grassroots Educare Centre is situated in the Mbekweni Township outside Paarl. PenBev, Newlands Rotary and certain private individuals jointly sponsored this Centre. Graham Finlayson, the architect took great pride in transforming some containers into beautifully restored, lime green classrooms, which include a studio type roof and covered walkway. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also helps control the extreme temperatures.

The Centre now has 3 large classrooms, an admin area, kitchen and ablutions. The Centre started with 12 children as home-based care over 10 years ago and now offers facilities to over 240 toddlers, under the guidance of the Principal Joyce Mokapane. She is ecstatic with the new Centre.

The final assessment of repair work following the settling in period has been completed. The centre is in spotless condition and the children are obviously joyful and appreciating the “new” environment.

The jungle gym is fully utilised, as are the play toys and the school is in demand and the new buildings are at full capacity.

World Cup™ 2010 Community Initiatives

Learners from 18 Western Cape high schools won their share of the 20 000 FIFA World Cup™ tickets in a national schools recycling programme run by the Department of Education (DoE) and Coca-Cola in association with the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Ticket Fund.



Fuelling Fire Fighters

Fire Fighters burn an enormous amount of energy trying to keep blazes at bay during the peak summer period. In a bid to refuel and increase energy levels, PenBev proudly sponsored energy-providing Powerade and Bonaqua water to the very appreciative City of Cape Town Fire Services. This initiative is ongoing.

Nompumelelo Creche

Children have moved into their new crèche premises. Thanks to the generosity and community involvement of Worcester Minerals. Worcester Minerals has been involved with Nompumelelo since 1992 and has shown their support by donating toy boxes, mattresses and blankets.

As one of the main businesses in the area, we consider it important that we are making a contribution to the community and are improving the quality of life for local residents.

Holy Cross Toy Drive

Coca-Cola South Africa and staff at PenBev brought smiles to the children of Holy Cross Children’s Home in Parow during December 2010. After staff collected and donated toys, we hosted a Christmas party where Santa and staff handed out these gifts.

The Holy Cross Home houses more than 115 children aged between 3 – 18 years from the Greater Western Cape Area. The children come from different backgrounds with some of them having been removed from situations of deprivation, abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse and abandonment.

We are extremely proud of our involvement and staff generosity because there is no better way of spreading the Christmas spirit than making a positive difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Masiphumelele Library Outreach Centre

After a successful opening on 2nd March 2010, the Masiphumelele Library Outreach Centre is actively used by the community. Bright coloured furnishings and artwork warm the centre to create a welcoming vibe. The centre now hosts daily and weekly activities, which include:
Computer, Xhosa and literacy classes, homework clubs and more, as well as providing valuable services such as faxing and photocopying, access to studying and reading material, computers and recreational activities.

Zanempilo – August 2010

Children from Browns Farm community in Phillipi are now the proud recipients of the Coca-Cola South Africa donation of a much-needed Edutainer, school uniforms and garden equipment for a food project. Pre-school children will use the Edutainer, a 12m x 6m shipping container that has been beautifully converted to a classroom and nearly forty orphaned and vulnerable children received uniforms. Zanempilo is a non-governmental organisation on (NGO) that delivers comprehensive, holistic primary health care services to disadvantaged communities and works in partnership with the Department of Health to deliver quality home based care in Phillipi and Khayelitsha.

Community Chest

PenBev has a long-standing association with Community Chest, spanning 15 years and our involvement includes the donation of carbonated soft drinks, staging and lighting for events when needed as well as sign writing for the various events. Over the years we have proudly contributed to The Community Chest Carnival, which raises money for over 400 social welfare organisations that contribute to human care. Another huge involvement sees us sponsoring the refreshment for The Annual Twilight Run, which draws over 20 000 entrants.


Give as You Earn

Give-As-You-Earn (GAYE) or workplace giving provides PenBev employees with a simple way of making a meaningful contribution to their communities either by way of a direct dedication from their earnings, or by debit order.

In the last few years the Community Chest has raised some R600 000 per annum from employees in the workplace through Give-As-You-Earn and PenBev is extremely proud of their staff that have embraced this initiative

Deaf Community of Cape Town (DCCT)

“A community of deaf people who assist each other through self help”

Stephen Lombard, who himself is deaf, is an employee of PenBev and for the past 20 years has been seconded to the Deaf Community of Cape Town. Stephen is involved in various Public Relations programmes for the deaf community and also raises much needed fund for DCCT.

The DCCT has worked for more than 23 years and embarked on many project aimed at the development and empowerment of deaf people. Through Stephen, PenBev is able to make a positive contribution to the deaf communities in Cape Town.



Emannual Day Care Centre

Mandela Day on July 18 is an annual international day adopted by the United Nations. It is more than a celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy; it is a global movement to take his life’s work into a new century and change our world for the better. Mandela Day asks us all to embrace Madiba’s values and honour his legacy through an act of kindness. In celebration of Mandela Day, representatives from the Blackheath Distribution Centre visited Happy Valley Creché to play with the children. Delicious soup, kindly made by the Blackheath kitchen, was served to the children, together with
fresh rolls donated by shops in the area. Coca-Cola is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company © 2011 Staff spent 67 minutes on a small act of Community kindness that made a huge difference.