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"open happiness"

Because only the unique sensory experience of an ice-cold Coca-Cola provides the delicious taste and deep down refreshment for the body, mind and spirit that people need to be and feel their best. Coca-Cola is a symbol of optimism and positivist.

Coca-Cola is happiness in a bottle. Coca-Cola is the world's most valued and best-known brand. The name represents a brand of quality throughout the world.

Pack sizes:

200ml recyclable can 330ml recyclable can 300ml returnable glass bottle (RGB) 500ml RGB 500ml non-returnable bottle (NRB) 1 litre NRB 2.25 Litre (NRB) 2 litre NRB 1,5 litre recyclable bottle (REFPET) 1.5 litre PET - non-returnable bottle

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