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Glacéau Vitaminwater is a great tasting, nutrient packed and naturally flavoured, active lifestyle beverage. It’s the perfect complement to our often less than perfect diet. Each of the 6 different varieties can provide you with a convenient great tasting way to get more nutrients (vitamins and hydration) throughout the day.

Power C- more oomph - dragonfruit (c + b's) benefits
Vitamins C and zinc help boost immunity and keep your body strong, while B vitamins help the body to utilise energy and boost strength.

Essential - more morning nutrition – orange (c+ calcium) benefits
The obvious choice to kick start your day. Contains all the vitamin C of a glass of orange juice but with considerable amount less calories and carbs.

Energy - more lift - tropical citrus (b + guarana) benefits
Gives you more lift to make it through those ‘why-is-this-day-not-yet-over' moments or that hectic workout. B vitamins help your body use energy to revive you. guarana stimulates your metabolism giving you that extra boost. contains natural caffeine.

Super-v - more key nutrients – lemon (a – zinc) benefits
Contains 11 key nutrients from a – zinc to nourish and replenish your body.

Revive – more invigoration - fruit punch (b + potassium) benefits
Potassium and b vitamins help the body recover from a tough day or a particularly hectic night and also aids in the regulation of the body's water balance, helping the body hydrate and replenish.

XXX – more protection - berry (acai, blueberry and pomegranate) (triple antioxidants) benefits
Contains three variants of antioxidants to proactively protect the immune system and the body's cells from damage. Each bottle contains 250% of your RDA vitamin c to help protect your immune system.


Dragonfruit, orange, tropical citrus, lemon, fruit punch, berry

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