Live For A Difference

'LIVE FOR A DIFFERENCE' is The Coca-Cola Company’s commitment to making a positive difference in the world through redesigning the way we work and live, so that sustainability is part of everything we do.

We at PenBev embrace the seven principles of the LIVE FOR A DIFFERENCE campaign and what they stand for when generating and driving new business growth and creating a more sustainable world. We understand the importance of conserving our planet’s resources and investing in a cleaner world.

Live For A Difference Logo

“Live For A Difference” Basics

Each of these principals have been given a symbol, and below you will see what these stand for:

Beverage Benefits

We aspire to provide the highest quality beverages for all consumer life stages and lifestyles and also to enable consumers through education to make informed choices that are compatible with a healthy, active lifestyle.



We are committed to fostering an open, respectful and inclusive environment where a highly motivated, productive and committed workforce drives business success through superior execution.


Active, Healthy Living

Our goal: To raise the standards of physical fitness globally; through sponsorships, grass roots programs and education around the importance of active living for health.



We are a global company with local roots in every community where we do business. Embedded in our Business System is a commitment to the needs of our communities, with programs ranging from education to environmental clean- up to emergency relief.


Sustainable Packaging

We envision a world in which our packaging is no longer seen as waste, but as a valuable resource for future use. To advance this vision we have set an overall goal to recover or reuse 100% of the bottles and cans we use.


Global Water Stewardship

As part of our global water stewardship commitment we announced a pledge to lead our global beverage operations, including those of our franchise bottlers, to replace the water used in our beverages and their production.


Energy Management & Climate Protection

Our business system has a role to play in ensuring we use the best possible mix of energy sources while improving the energy efficiency of our manufacturing and distribution processes. We aim to be the beverage industry leader... to grow our business, but not the carbon.


Some of the suggested actions around these principals are: