Training and Education

Education is empowerment and we proudly support a number of educational initiatives

Training & Development

"People are our greatest asset" are words often quoted by our Managing Director and Human Resources Director. We are constantly striving to ensure that our people have the right skills to respond and overcome the complexity introduced by an expanding beverage market.

At Peninsula Beverage Company we allocate 4.5% of our total payroll to Training and Development spend. Our focus on the development of people includes skills programmes for our workforce, Learnerships being offered at different levels across all areas of our business and education bursaries being offered to all our staff.

We promote continuous learning through addressing specific training needs with an emphasis on functional and technical skills. In order to maintain our unique culture, we have a strong focus on Management Development and utilise the Western Cape Business Schools for specialised programmes.

We will be embarking on a Talent Management Programme to ensure that career and succession plans are met as well as being able to meet our equity targets, whilst retaining our people. Ongoing education and training opportunities provides a platform for our staff to reach their full potential, and grow our organisation as a whole.

Learning Development

One of the greatest gifts a child can receive is an education. PenBev invests in a variety of projects aimed at addressing the educational requirements of disadvantaged communities. In recent years various Universities and Technikons have received bursaries from Penbev for students to assist them in completing their degrees.

This is an ongoing project and we truly believe that these bursaries help students to achieve their full potential.

The Coca-Cola Zone

Each year, 45 000 learners from the Western Cape visit the Peninsula Beverages factory to learn about the process of producing and distributing the most popular soft drinks in the world. The recently renovated auditorium (now officially known as The Coca-Cola Zone) has been transformed into a hi-tech, state-of- the-art viewing theatre, which uses the latest cutting-edge technology and comfortably seats 120.

The Coca-Cola Zone

The overall objective of the Coca-Cola Zone is to give learners an insight into the world of Coca-Cola and manufacturing, inspiring them to consider their futures and the importance of a good education.

Other Initiatives

PenBev is extremely proud to be in a position to support various other initiatives by providing transport to schools who are not able to offer this to their learners and providing a refreshing Minute Maid on these outings.

Some of these the current initiatives include:

Life Talk, a talk given by Sue Linstrom, a qualified social worker, which aims to raise awareness and empower learners about what they can be exposed to in terms of peer pressure and focuses on restoring and entrenching values in the learners.

Giraffe House, where currently about 24 000 learners attend workshops to be educated on animals and the importance of conserving our wildlife.




Heart of Cape Town Museum where currently about 5000 learners attend a workshop to learn about the extraordinary race to transplant the first human heart.