Gearing up for the Cape Town Cycle Tour



 Gearing up for the Cape Town Cycle Tour




The world’s largest timed cycle race is a few days away and 35 000 cyclists are gearing up to ride the 109 kilometre route around Cape Town this Sunday 06 March 2016. Keen cyclists who have put in hours on the bike training for the Cape Town Cycle Tour will now taper their distances in preparation for the scenic yet tough route around the peninsula. In the early hours of Sunday morning, while participants are still sound asleep, logistics and support teams will be busy preparing to cater to the high volumes of cyclists.


In addition to the refreshment tables set up along the route, cyclists will be able to fix punctures at the bike repair zones or receive treatment from doctors on standby in the medical tents. Physiotherapists will provide welcome relief by massaging aching muscles. “The Cape Town Cycle Tour is certainly the busiest race of the year for our team,” says Dan Davis, Marketing Activations Manager at Peninsula Beverages (PenBev is the local bottler and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company products in the Western and Northern Cape). “The roads are filled with people on different bicycles, from all over the world. Tips for cyclists* There is no substitute for food. Some examples of snacks that are easy to carry and will sustain you are bananas, baby potatoes, nuts, raisins and cucumber pieces. The trick is to remain well hydrated. Drink when you are thirsty.


On a hot day the average rider should be drinking between 400 and 600ml per hour to ensure a balance between being under-hydrated and overhydrated. Up your intake if it is very hot and you stay thirsty. “Thirty-seven trucks will deliver 110 000 litres of water, 51 300 litres of Coca-Cola and 42 000 litres of Powerade to the 14 refreshment points along the Cape Town Cycle Tour route,” says Davis. Sixty tonnes of ice will be delivered with the liquids and used to keep refreshments cool for cyclists braving the route in the heat of the day. Every year PenBev donate and deliver refreshments to about 700 public events taking place around greater Cape Town, where 80 percent are sporting events. “The Cape Town Cycle Tour is a true high point on the city’s sporting calendar and it is a privilege for PenBev to be part of this event, creating moments of happiness for cyclists for many years. We wish everyone well on race day,” concludes Davis. [High resolution images available on request. Photos by Craig Wilson] *Information obtained from Cape Town Cycle Tour website  For more information about PenBev, visit or contact 021 936 5500. PenBev is also on Facebook


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