Our Sustainability Commitments

As a Coca-Cola bottler, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages subscribes to the sustainability framework that is known in the Coca-Cola system as ‘Me, We, World’.

This is our shared vision for how we work together to create social value and make a positive difference for the customers and communities we serve. Furthermore, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages is committed to producing and selling our products in a responsible way and ensuring a sustainable future.

Me – Enhancing personal wellbeing

Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages is involved in all major sporting and physical activity programmes in all the areas where we operate. Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages encourages staff participation in all the events where we support the organisers with logistics, entertainment and refreshments.

  • We offer low and no-calorie beverage options in all the markets we operate.
  • We provide transparent nutrition information, featuring kilojoules on the front of all our packages.
  • We ensure we get people to be more physically active by supporting many sporting initiatives.
  • We ensure we abide by the global marketing guidelines which stipulates we do not market to children under 12 years.
  • We enable the economic empowerment of women across our value chain.
We – Building stronger communities

At Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages we aim to uplift our communities though the transfer of funds, skills and education, thereby creating sustainability and benefiting all.

Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages’ Corporate Social Investment strategy is to invest in the building of either an educare centre, home for abused women and children, home for disabled persons, skills development centre or the like.  To date Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages has proudly completed 26 such projects with 3 projects nearing completion.

The pillars we focus on in Corporate Social Investment include:

  • Education – investing in a variety of education projects aimed at enhancing the learning needs within disadvantaged communities.
  • Coastal Clean ups
  • Staff Volunteering – assisting in the communities where our Centres operate
  • Small business development – empowering small Coca-Cola retailers
World – Protecting the environment

Our commitment to responsible citizenship includes the conservation of natural resources and protection of the soil, water and climate required to sustain life on earth.

Focus areas include:

  • Our manufacturing energy and carbon emissions savings
  • Recycling
  • Water